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Open positions

Web Software Expert - BC05

* If you have graduated from the relevant department of the university,
* If you are living in Anatolian Side of Istanbul,
* If you have experience in the field of Web software and design,
* If you have experiences in Php, HTML, Css, Sql, JS, WordPress, Opencart, Bootstrap,
* If you can apply originally designed web sites based on WP,
* If you are familiar with server administration,
* If you have the ability to solve and analyze problems,
* If you are committed to teamwork and your communication is strong,
* If you are able to produce new ideas and have a sense of responsibility, we expect your CV.
You need to send your CVs to kariyer@beyazcreative.com. Your CV will not be evaluated if your photo, personal background, training information, competencies, work experiences and contact details are not included.